More on the top differences between kafka vs rabbitmq data flow rabbitmq uses a distinct bounded data flow messages are created and sent by the producer and received by the consumer apache kafka uses an unbounded data flow with the key value pairs continuously streaming to the assigned topic data usage.

For the latest news about azure functions releases including the removal of specific older minor versions monitor azure app service announcements pinning to version 2 0 net function apps running on version 2 x 2 are automatically upgraded to run on net core 3 1 which is a long term support version of net core 3.

In this article in this guide the docker compose yml file was introduced in the section step 4 define your services in docker compose yml when building a multi container docker application however there are additional ways to use the docker compose files that are worth exploring in further detail.

Integration tests you typically test a service but this time you dont mock the fundamental infrastructure and services to see if they properly working together ui tests you test the ui of the application just like the users interact with your application unit tests vs integration tests.

Serverless deployment package the service as a zip file and upload it to the lambda function the lambda function is a stateless service that automatically runs enough micro services to handle all requests question list the differences between monolithic soa and microservices architecture with an example for each answer.

Html5 form validation with html service coldfusion non scoped vs variables scope performance vs readability how to set the margin on a internal textboxview in wpf openlayers 3 how to draw sth using canvas getcontext 2d on top of the map angularjs update array var and non array var whose names were obtained by string.

Message bus system providing inter application communication dbus glib 0 112 glib bindings for the d bus message bus system dbxml 6 1 4 embeddable xml database with xquery support and other advanced features dc3dd 7 2 646 patched gnu dd that is intended for forensic acquisition of data dcadec 0 2 0 dts coherent acoustics decoder.

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