May 15, 2014 · I installed RabbitMQ and Enabled Web Interface also but still couldn't sign in with any user i newly created, this is because you need to be administrator to access this. Do not create any config file and mess with it.. This is what i did then, Add a new/fresh user, say user test and password test: rabbitmqctl add_user test test Nov 05, 2016 · You can use the rabbitmqctl tool - look for subtitle User management.The command to create a user is: $ rabbitmqctl add_user myUser myPass To make user an administrator run: $ rabbitmqctl set_user_tags myUser administrator Add the ASF license header comment to all new .java files (copy from existing files in the project) Add yourself as an @author to the .java files that you modify substantially (more than cosmetic changes). Add some Javadocs and, if you change the namespace, some XSD doc elements. A few unit tests would help a lot as well — someone has to do it.