The python programming language 3 10 is finally released on oct 6 here rsquo s how to install it via ppa in ubuntu 20 04 ubuntu 18 04 linux mint 19 x 20 and derivatives python 3 10 has 18 months support with bug fix updates until the next 3 11 release after that it will be supported with 5 years of security updates until october 2026.

How to install python 3 10 in ubuntu this ppa can be used for ubuntu 21 10 ubuntu 21 04 ubuntu 20 04 lts ubuntu 18 04 lts linux mint 20 x elementary os 6 and other related ubuntu based distributions open a terminal prompt and add the following ppa sudo add apt repository ppa deadsnakes ppa refresh the cache using the below command.

Introduction python is a popular programming language often used to write scripts for operating systems it rsquo s versatile enough for use in web development and app design in this tutorial you will learn how to install python 3 8 on ubuntu 18 04 or ubuntu 20 04.

Option 1 ndash install python 3 10 on ubuntu 20 04 18 04 using apt repo installing python 3 10 on ubuntu 20 04 18 04 using apt is quite easy a big thumbs up to the deadsnakes custom ppa this makes it easy to install python on ubuntu and be able to receive continued updates bug fixes and security updates.

To install all currently supported python versions python 3 6 is already pre installed including pip for ubuntu 18 04 do the following to install python3 5 and python3 7 use the deadsnakes ppa sudo add apt repository ppa deadsnakes ppa sudo apt get update sudo apt get install python3 5 sudo apt get install python3 7.

Ubuntu 16 10 and ubuntu 17 04 since python 3 6 is installed in the universe repository of ubuntu 16 10 and ubuntu 17 04 you can directly install python 3 6 from the repository just use the commands below sudo apt update sudo apt install python3 6 ubuntu 16 04 there are two ways to install python3 6 on ubuntu 16 04.

Ubuntu 18 04 has both python 2 and python 3 installed by default and hence it has two possible variants of pip for each python versions pip by default refers to the python 2 version pip for python 3 is referred to as pip3.

Ubuntu 20 04 comes with python 3 8 i cannot uninstall python 3 8 but i need python 3 9 i went ahead and installed python 3 9 from sudo add apt repository ppa deadsnakes ppa sudo apt install py.

Python version python 3 8 10 python2 version python 2 7 18 switch to python 2 as default version sudo apt install python is python2 and now the default python version has changed but we can still access python 3 if necessary python version python 2 7 18 python3 version python 3 8 10.

Python 3 8 is not available in ubuntu rsquo s default repositories in this tutorial we rsquo ll cover two different ways to install python 3 8 on ubuntu 18 04 the first option is to install the deb package from the deadsnakes ppa and the second one is by building from the source code.

In this article we rsquo ll show you two ways to install python 3 9 on ubuntu 20 04 the first option is to install the package from the deadsnakes ppa and the second one is to build python 3 9 from the source code the same steps apply for ubuntu 18 04 and all ubuntu based distribution including kubuntu linux mint and elementary os.

I need to run selenium using python 3 7 on ubuntu 18 04 since with above steps python 3 7 libs gets installed in usr local bin not in usr bin on installation of selenium selenium binaries compatible with python 2 7 libs gets installed on running below command sudo pip install selenium.

In this article we upgrade to python 3 7 from python 3 6 and configure it as the default version of python i was just trying to upgrade my python and i find it a little bit hard to do python 3 6 is the default version that comes with ubuntu 18 04 18 10 but the latest version is python 3 8 so it would be better to upgrade one major version.

All the questions i saw here on ask ubuntu were regarding pip for python 3 and im talking about python 3 6 the steps used back then dont work for python 3 6 i got a clear ubuntu 16 10 image from the official docker store run apt get update run apt get install python3 6 run apt get install python3 pip run pip3 install requests bs4.

Thanks to ond ej sury for maintaining ppa of latest php5 versions on launchpad if you want to install a specific version of php then this article can be helpful for you this article will help you for installing php 5 6 or php 7 3 using ppa on ubuntu 18 04 lts systems.

Oracle java 16 was announced as a short release with 6 month support here rsquo s how to install it in ubuntu 14 04 ubuntu 16 04 ubuntu 18 04 ubuntu 20 04 ubuntu 20 10 via ppa update oracle java 17 has been released as the new lts long term support release this tutorial also works for the new release new features in the release include.

Debian install postgresql 12 on debian if you want to see all the new features and improvements in postgresql 12 visit the postgresql 12 release notes page so check the major enhancements in postgresql 12 without much wait let rsquo s buckle to the installation of postgresql 12 on ubuntu 20 04 18 04 16 04 linux system.

In this guide we rsquo ll show you how to install jupyter notebook on ubuntu 20 04 lts here we show you simple ways to install jupyter on ubuntu 20 04 lts focal fossa you can follow the same instructions for ubuntu 18 04 16 04 and any other debian based distribution like linux mint and elementary os.

Step 1 add the ond ej sury ppa repository php 7 4 is the default php version in ubuntu 20 04 repositories at the time of writing this tutorial to install the latest version of php we are going to use the ondrej ppa repositories this repository contains multiple php versions and php extensions.

Python 2 7 18 4 see all available python version on the system as we know ubuntu 20 04 comes out of the box with python 3 thus let rsquo s check what are the available versions of python are on our system ls usr bin python 5 change the default python priority you will see both python 2 7 and 3 on your ubuntu 20 04 linux.

Many ubuntu users are facing problems during upgrading python to the latest version python 3 6 9 available as default when we install ubuntu 18 04 lts python 3 8 is not available in default ubuntu 18 repositories also read how hellip.

To install apache and php we are going to use php 7 4 execute the commands below on your ubuntu release install php 7 4 on ubuntu 20 04 sudo apt install apache2 libapache2 mod php7 2 openssl php imagick php7 2 common php7 2 curl php7 2 gd php7 2 imap php7 2 intl php7 2 json php7 2 ldap php7 2 mbstring php7 2 mysql php7 2 pgsql php smbclient hellip.

Congratulations at this point you should have a python 3 programming environment set up on your local windows 10 machine and can begin a coding project to set up python 3 on another computer follow the local programming environment guides for ubuntu 16 04 debian 8 centos 7 or macos.

The vcpkg is a cross platform c c package manager for downloading and building various libraries the vcpkg is an open source project developed by microsoft which released under the mit license this tutorial explains how to install vcpkg on ubuntu 20 04.

The with python3 flag ensures that python 3 bindings for boost python are compiled as well mdash python 2 7 bindings are compiled by default once you start the boost python install consider going for a nice walk as the build can take a bit of time 10 15 minutes.

I see the same issue on both debian and ubuntu 18 04 running under wsl 1 i think i can strip this down to the following error i was running a fresh installation of conda 4 8 3 on ubuntu 20 04 with wsl1 and was getting the same http milljm desktop m0ou23r conda install python 3 9 5 collecting package metadata.