salt.modules.grains. fetch (key, default = '', delimiter = ':', ordered = True) ¶ Attempt to retrieve the named value from grains, if the named value is not available return the passed default. The default return is an empty string. The value can also represent a value in a nested dict using a ":" delimiter for the dict. salt.modules.saltutil¶ The Saltutil module is used to manage the state of the salt minion itself. It is used to manage minion modules as well as automate updates to the salt minion. depends. esky Python module for update functionality. salt.modules.saltutil. clear_cache ¶ Forcibly removes all caches on a minion. A host is any Linux client that Foreman manages. Hosts can be physical or virtual. Virtual hosts can be deployed on any platform supported by Foreman, such as Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, KVM, libvirt, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, oVirt, Proxmox, Rackspace Cloud Services, or VMware vSphere.