Taste great, but the size has to be a mistake! I used 1/4 cup batter/cookie and cookies were a thick 3.5-4" across. One batch made 28 large cookies, enough to store in the freezer and use over the next couple of weeks. Great alternative to store-bought granola bar or breakfast pastry, and more nutritious. Prepare recipe as directed, using a vanilla bean and reducing vanilla extract to 2 tsp. Use sharp knife to gently split 1 vanilla bean pod lengthwise in half, then scrape seeds into cheesecake batter. Add 1 tsp. vanilla extract to the batter and use remaining extract to flavor cheesecake topping as directed. Earn extra cash for what you already buy. Load qualifying cash back offers on your card, and transfer cash to your Shopper's Card or PayPal account. Jan 10, 2022 · Once the granola has cooled completely, you could toss in some chocolate chips or chunks for some decadence or a handful of raisins or dried cranberries for some chewy, tangy goodness. Homemade Protein Granola Storage. I recommend storing this granola in an airtight container and labeling it with the date you made it. Feb 20, 2019 · Heat oven to 350°F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, and set aside.; In a large mixing bowl, stir together oats, almonds, chia seeds, cinnamon and sea salt until evenly combined.; In a separate measuring cup, stir together the melted coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla extract until combined. Pour the coconut oil mixture into the oats mixture, and stir until … I really think that there is a typo when it comes to the milk, it should be tablespoon rather than teaspoon. The corn syrup is a nice extra if you want it to set nice but it does make it a little too sweet (I love sweet things) I would decrease the sugar to 1 1/4 cup if 1 tbl of corn syrup is added. It really needed extra vanilla. with 2x new granola. find out more. meals muffins porridge granola drinks oat bars cookies peanut butter ... find out more. meals. the complete meal strawberry. the complete meal vegan vanilla. the complete meal chocolate. muffins. high in protein and fibre and ready in less than 1 minute find out more. muffins. banana & chocolate muffin ... Crunchy Granola Bars Oats & Honey or Peanut Butter Amount see price in store * Quantity 6 ea. Millville Fiber Now 90 Calorie Bars Assorted Varieties ... Organic Vanilla Chip Chewy Granola Bars Amount see price in store * Quantity 6.8 oz. to the top. Print page.