We’re in the kitchen with Sunsweet! Check out our delicious, Feel Good food recipes developed by chefs, nutritionists, or Sunsweet superfans right at home. Sep 28, 2021 · Variations. Here are a few fun ways to switch things up: Low-fat - skip the walnuts and chocolate chips, and fold in your favorite dried fruit. Sprinkle rolled oats on top for decoration. Dried fruit - for a fully WFPB muffin (whole-food, plant-based), instead of sugar-sweetened chocolate chips, these pumpkin spice muffins are perfect with raisins, currants, cranberries, or chopped dates. How to Make The Best Vegan Burger. Although I’m a long-time fan of well-made veggie burgers for their simple ingredients and health benefits (see this Portobello Mushroom Burger and my crowd-favorite Mediterranean Quinoa Burger with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Feta), I have do have one major, er, beef with standard veggie burger recipes: most don’t contain enough tummy-satisfying protein to ... Chocolate Banana Oatmeal. Rating: 5 stars ... Powdered peanut butter is a handy pantry staple that makes a great vegan protein booster for oatmeal and smoothies. Double or triple this recipe to meal-prep breakfasts for the week or to have breakfast ready for the entire family. ... Make these easy vegan overnight oats with whatever nondairy milk ... Whey Protein 80 is our award-winning premium grade whey protein concentrate. Winner of the highly coveted, “Best Protein Award" in the industry-leading FSN Product Awards, TPW™ whey protein is known for its exceptional purity. It contains no thickeners or fillers and is available in a wide range of exclusive premium flavours. Whey Protein 80 is undenatured and has the highest ... Frequently Asked Questions - Oats Overnight - Enjoy the benefits of eating breakfast with none of the work. Overnight oatmeal loaded with superfoods like flax, chia, maca root, and 32g of protein. No recipes needed. Life Is Hard, Make Breakfast Easy.