A traditional food popular in many regions of china spring rolls chun juan aka egg rolls in american english are one of the most sought after dishes in overseas chinese restaurants essentially they rsquo re deep fried cylinder shaped parcels made of golden crispy wrappers and a tasty filling of various ingredients.

Egg foo young is a chinese omelette ndash egg mixed with vegetables and usually some type of protein prawns shrimp or pork are common then smothered in a chinese stir fry sauce it is believed to have originally been created by chineses chefs in america as a way to use up leftovers so it rsquo s not strictly authentic though there are similar.

Crack the egg into a small bowl and whisk this is the glue that you will use to seal the wrapper peel the lumpia wrapper in to individual pieces and place one spoonful of filling into the wrapper and roll as the video shows at this point i leave out what i want to cook immediately and place the rest in freezer safe bags for later.

Sesame oil sesame oil brings an authentic flavor you look for in egg rolls green onions green onion is a keto way to add a little extra flavor and punch without too many carbs green onion is also lower in net carbs than your traditional hellip.

Separate the egg white from the yolk and mix with the eggplants the egg white forms a protective layer on the surface and reduces the oil from entering into the eggplants rsquo structure this step is a vital step to ensure the eggplant will not become oily after deep frying remove the excess egg whites and then add the potato or corn starch.

Chinese eggplant pork stir fry is a classic and famous chinese cuisine it rsquo s originated from northern part of china sichuan province also in chinese it calls yu xiang qie zi literally translated to fish fragrance eggplant however traditionally chinese eggplant stir fry with pork doesn rsquo t have any fishes.

Kolkata is a hub for foodies it is famous for kathi rolls here we bring you fish kathi roll recipe to try at home street food in india will undoubtedly immerse you in authentic flavours like no other place in the world one can find a variety of dishes on the streets ranging from spicy delights.